Level One Sponsor

Leading up to the event

- Promotional videos released on a schedule, leading up to event. General promos, as well as attendee interview videos from prior event. Interviewees generally post these videos on their social media pages. Sponsor info and direct link will be included in the description of each video.

- Printed flyers w sponsor logos to be circulated throughout the music community via music meetups, NSAI, BMI, workshops, and at music schools, such as Belmont.

- Sponsor info, logo, and direct link on the Indie Mix and Mingle registration page, where attendees will pre-register for the event. (www.MusicandVideoProduction.com/mixmingle)

- Sponsors listed and linked in all social media promotion associated with the event, including but not limited to our Facebook group page (over 1,300 musician members), associated Facebook group pages (over 20K members), as well as industry forums, and more.

- Sponsor info on the Meetup.com event page (over 300 musician members), and in pre-event promotional messages via Meetup.com


During the event

- Upon arrival at the event, attendees are required to electronically sign in at our sign-in page. Sponsor logos are featured with links to sponsor websites.

- Sponsor interview with video host in front of the sponsor backdrop. Video will be promoted in rotation with other IMM promos, plus sponsor will have permission to post video on their own channel and/or use on sponsor's website.

- A sponsor highlighted, promotional video loop will be continuously playing on two TV screens throughout the event, and sponsor posters will be displayed at the buffet table.  

- Sponsors will have a designated table for business cards and promotional material.

- Sponsors are encouraged to give away a business related prize at the event.

After the event

- Sponsors will receive a copy of the "opt-in" email list generated at the event sign-in table and online pre-registrations.

- Post event sponsor-linked HIGHLIGHTS video will be released and circulated.

- Interview videos from the event will be released, individually, on a schedule, following the event. Each video will include sponsor info and links. 


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To submit sponsorship payment, please click the "Donate" button below and follow the prompts through Paypal. We will contact you within 24 hours to obtain your company logo and other pertinent information. Thank you for your Indie Mix and Mingle sponsorship!